Why are Fermented Foods Important?

Fermented Food

Fermented foods are actually probiotic foods. People have been eating them for centuries. Our ancestors consumed them on a regular basis. They grew their own food and one very effective method of storing the harvest was to ferment it. It is a very cost effective and a great barrier against microbial infection.

Not ready to make your own fermented food? No problem! Main stream grocery stores now stock these healthy additions to your diet. Look for a Korean staple called Kimchi in the refrigerator section. While there, check out Kefir right next to the yogurt section. Kefir is a fermented milk that is usually sourced from goat, cow or sheep. It is high in vitamins B12 and K2, magnesium, calcium, folate, biotin, and great enzymes and of course the probiotics we are discussing. Another great sources of probiotics come from sauerkraut. If you like soybean try Tempeh and Miso. In my opinion, they have a stronger flavor and might take a bit to get used to. If you love Oriental Take Out you will love these additions.

If this is all new to you, you are in great company! Many health care providers are now starting to suggest the addition of fermented foods to many of their patients. Most likely, you are seeing more articles and hearing more about fermenting via news sources.

The picture above was taken in my kitchen today! I served brown rice with chia seed, mild Kimchi, and jumbo shrimp with chop sticks of course!

I encourage you to branch out and try adding a new fermented food to your regimen. Experiment until you find one you really like. Your gut health will thank you. Remember, your gut is your second brain and controls the lion’s share of your immune system.

If you are feeling industrious and want to try fermenting for yourself then check this out: https://www.foodnetwork.com/healthy/packages/healthy-every-week/healthy-tips/fermented-fundamentals