Sleep Well

Sleeping dogWhat if you could wake up every morning feeling refreshed, focused, and excited about the day ahead?

One of the key foundations of maintaining optimal health is adequate amounts of good quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a heavy toll. Some of the negative effects are: increased risk of chronic disease, can lead to weight gain, increased risk of accidents and injuries, decline in cognitive function, and increased anxiety. If you are feeling run-down, irritable for no specific reason, struggling to focus, or experience brain fog the culprit could be poor sleep and lack of good sleep hygiene practices. Don’t despair, there are some simple habits that will get you sleeping well again in no time!

Let’s review a few things to get you back on track.

  • How much sleep should you get? Ages 11-17 need between 8.5-9.5 hours and 18 years old and above need 7-9 hours of quality sleep.
  • Turn the temperature down. You sleep better in a cooler room.
  • Remove ambient light and have the room as dark as possible. This may mean investing in a black out curtain.
  • Shut down all electronics at least one hour before bed. This includes TV, scrolling through FB, checking Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and checking emails one last time.
  • Think about installing an ap on your electronic devises called f.lux to help reset your natural Circadian rhythm.
  • Try incorporating light stretches or develop a yoga stretching routine one hour before bed.
  • Put electronics on airplane mode and if possible, don’t have them charging right next to the bed.

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