Lies, Doubts and Fears

How much of your day is spent believing lies, doubts or fears? What price are you paying for believing them?

In what area do you continually struggle? Common areas are health, weight, confidence and finances. What underlying lies, doubts or fears keep rearing their ugly head? Let’s use weight for example. Are you haunted by failed attempts and overwhelm? Dig a little deeper. Do you continually overhear family members saying she’s pretty but the “heavy set one” or “she’s just a little thick around the middle like Grandma.” After closer examination you might see patterns emerge. Are they labels you were given and expected to wear without your consent?

After some soul-searching, I identified labels and expectations placed on me by others. Never once did I stop to question if they were true. I accepted them as truth because they came from a trusted well-meaning loved-one years ago!

How many lies, doubts or fears are you believing about yourself? Could they be labels, engrained in your memory, familiar, always tied to your name? Dig a little deeper. I challenge you: are any of them lies, doubts or fears? If so, have the courage to change them and allow freedom its rightful place in your life…starting today.

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