Increase Your Memory without Meds

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness.”

Are you in the practice of keeping a gratitude journal? For those of you who do you can attest firsthand to the increase in mood this brings! Studies have found that simple awareness and making “mental notes throughout the day “knowing you will write them down heightens your memory and brings a greater sense of calm and purpose. Who doesn’t want and need more of that, right?

Start your day by looking for a few things you can be grateful for and believe me…you will find them. It could be as simple as the laughter of a child, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, maybe traffic was lighter than expected, or what about how great your cup of coffee smells and tastes when you actually slow down to enjoy it. Whatever you “find” throughout your day you owe it to yourself to really enjoy it! Far too often, we are running from here to there, to the next meeting or conference call, trying to multi-task with several projects at one time and simple miss out on the little things that are beautiful and should be treasured. This is a simple technique and anyone can do it. The key is to have one dedicated place to record your thoughts and gratitude.

Grab a notebook. It really doesn’t matter what size, kind, color, lined or unlined. If you are more comfortable with tech then grab your phone, iPad or laptop! Just start capturing the “little” grateful moments in life that would normally go unnoticed. I challenge you to adapt this technique and let me know if you see an increase in mood as well as memory retention without meds. I have included a link to help you get started.

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