Eat the Rainbow

Short on time? Need simple, healthy, quick and delicious meal ideas? Try these!

chicken lettuce wrapPressed for time – pick up produce already washed and sliced. I used romaine lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes and a tub of guacamole with a thinly sliced chicken breast I cooked in under 8 minutes!  Combine everything into a wrap using the lettuce for the shell. Delicious!


rainbow foodHave fun and get the kids involved. Make it a game to see how many colors you can eat in a day!  Here’s a salad I threw together from things in the fridge…no grocery trip required when you have a variety of healthy things in the fridge. It makes eating the rainbow simple, quick, healthy and delicious. Check out the easy meal-prep section in your grocery produce area this week! You’ll be glad you did.



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